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"At once relatable and unexpected, AFTER PERFECT is the story of one women's quest to learn to live-and love-on her own terms after heartbreak. Maan Gabriel is a refreshing new voice in women's fiction." 

                                               - Camille Pagán bestselling author of

                                                     Don't Make Me Turn This Life Around

"A heartfelt debut, AFTER PERFECT depicts a woman's healing after divorce with grace and empathy. Maan Gabriel is an author to watch in contemporary women's fiction." 

                                                         - Tif Marcelo, USA Today bestselling author of 

                                                                        The Key to Happily Ever After

"Maan Gabriel's AFTER PERFECT is the story of a marriage and divorce and the complexities of both.  Gabriel explores how cultural expectations may not only inform decision-making but determine it. In clear prose and through vivid scenes, Maan Gabriel shows us this irony-often through relationships, we come to know ourselves." 

                                                          -Corie Adjmi, author of

                                                         Life and Other Shortcomings 



OCTOBER 5, 2021


When the only man thirty-six-year-old Gabriella Stevens has ever loved walks out on her, she feels like her world is ending—but as she begins to forge her own way forward for the first time in her life, she discovers an inner resilience and strength that she never knew she possessed. 

Thirty-six-year-old Gabriella Stevens is living a quiet and content fairy tale as a devoted housewife to Simon—just as her traditional Filipino mother has always told her to do—when, after sixteen years of marriage and twenty years together, he tells he wants a divorce.

Simon has been Gabby’s everything since they were kids; without him, her world implodes. But as she navigates her way through the wreckage of the marriage she thought would last forever, she becomes determined to make a life on her own. With New York City as her backdrop, Gabby—single for the first time since she was a teenager—goes back to school, gets her first real job, and faces unfamiliar reality with determination.

Gabby’s life takes another turn when she falls in love with her mysterious but utterly beautiful creative writing professor, Colt. Being with Colt is exhilarating for her—something new, something exciting and beyond understanding. He is almost seven years her junior, and a literary genius. But he is also battling demons of his own: a tragic past that may have made him incapable of love.

Is Gabby destined for another heartbreak—or will her connection with Colt be what unbreaks her?




Maan Gabriel

"I dream of a world full of hope, where believing is as important as life itself, and where love can move mountains. This is in the very core of my stories, and I wish in more ways than one that I can inspire you to see the world as I see it... a fairy tale."

- Maan

Maan Gabriel is a mom, wife, dreamer, writer, and advocate for women’s stories in literature. She earned her BA in communications from St. Scholastica’s College in Manila and MPS in public relations and corporate communications from Georgetown University. She has lived in Manila, Brussels, Dakar, and Mexico City. During the day, she works in strategic communications. Maan, along with her husband and son, currently calls suburban Washington DC home. After Perfect is her first novel.




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